Calypso Conch

Logo Design

Calypso Conch is an art resin company in South Florida. Owner and artist Wendi Caillouet reached out to us as Calypso Conch began to quickly turn from a hobby into a business.

See her work on Instagram.

Calypso Conch

Behind the Logo

We wanted to create a logo that was minimal and clean to not takeaway from the intricate artwork it would be place on, but one that was still fun. The conch easily identifies the company name while the circle anchors the text and conch. Keeping the circle open allows for any background to become part of the logo.

heart-shaped ocean resin art
ocean resin art coaster set
ocean resin art coaster


Calypso Conch’s logo was one of our favorites to play with because of the expansive and fun color palette. While the primary logo on a white or dark background is an aqua to green gradient, there are other variations they can use.

pink and yellow calypso conch logo
purple and pink calypso conch logo
blue and green calypso conch logo

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